Sistemas Operativos (EI-EIPL-ECGM)

Nesta unidade curricular apresentam-se os conceitos fundamentais de “sistemas operativos”, dando principal enfoque aos sistemas operativos UNIX de livre distribuição/utilização (“GPL Licence”): GNU/Linux. A distribuição GNU/Linux escolhida, e que servirá a unidade curricular, é o Ubuntu.

"In this course we present the fundamental concepts of "computer architecture" and "operating systems", giving primary focus to UNIX operating systems with GPL License: the GNU/Linux operating system. The GNU/Linux distribution chosen to serve the entire course is “Ubuntu”.


Why would any sane person want to type in a bunch of funny-looking Unix commands when you can just use the mouse? ... That’s a tough sell, but you can boil it down to just one word: power.

by D. Taylor in Learning Unix for OS X Mountain Lion. O’Reilly Media, Inc., 2012