Tourism Strategic Marketing Planning

In a increasingly complex context, public and private organisations need to choose strategies that allow them to answer to the challenges posed by the external business environment in order to keep/develop a competitive position in the market. This course by approaching the strategic marketing planning for the tourism industry based on a practical perspective, aims to develop competencies of professionals helping them to analyse their marketplace and develop strategic marketing plans for tourism-related organisations and/or destinations.

First, the concept of strategy will be studied, followed by the study of strategy development ad implementation as a process and its application in the tourism industry. Next, the strategic tourism marketing planning will be studied. Then, two subjects considered of major relevance to complement the previously approach topics will be studied. They are: the major challenges of Strategic Tourism Marketing and the key market trends that will need to be taken into account when developing strategic marketing plans in the future. Finally, some examples and case studies will be analysed, discussed and evaluated based on the theoretical background of the course.